I only had a little time today to play with Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 3, so here are a few of the new features and some thoughts:

  • The PulseAudio sound server is enabled by default.
  • PolicyKit is beginning to be integrated into the administrative tools. This allows programs such as Sevices settings to be run as the normal user, and be “unlocked” only when needed.
    Unlock PolicyKit Button
  • Firefox 3 Beta 2 is supposed to be included in Alpha 3, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Firefox was installed. Anyone know why this is? Thanks everyone, Firefox 3 is not installed by default, and the Universe repository needs to be enabled to install it.
  • Tracker search has a notification bubble to show that it is indexing files. This is a good improvement for users who complain that Ubuntu is slow because they don’t know that Tracker is working in the background.

Read the release notes, then download Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 3.

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