Want to compare your computer’s performance? HardInfo is a system profiler and benchmark for Linux systems. It can gather information about your computer and operating system, perform a varitety of benchmarks, and export the data to HTML.


The easiest way to browse the reports is to run them all by generating an HTML page. Click the Generate Report button on the toolbar, and select the information you want included. Generating a report including the benchmarks could take a few minutes depending on how fast your computer is.

In my Ubuntu 7.10 system, the ZLib benchmark could not be performed. This caused an error to be displayed, but HardInfo continued with the others just fine. Here are the results from my Intel Core2 Quad Q6600:

CPU ZLib (higher is better)
This Machine 0.000
CPU Fibonacci (lower is better)
This Machine 3.983
CPU MD5 (higher is better)
This Machine 80.238
CPU SHA1 (higher is better)
This Machine 91.110
CPU Blowfish (lower is better)
This Machine 13.616
FPU Raytracing (lower is better)
This Machine 18.659

HardInfo is in the Ubuntu repositories. Ubuntu 7.10 users can install it with this link: Install HardInfo. Alternatively, you can install the package hardinfo from the command line or though a package manager.

[update] To fix the ZLib benchmark, run apt-get install zlib1g-dev.

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