GNOME has a menu of document templates in its file browser. It seems to have been forgotten, unless you add some templates yourself the menu will only ever display “No templates installed”.

Document templates are available in the Create Document menu, which can be accessed by right-clicking in the Nautilus file browser or opening its File menu.

File templates menu

There’s not much too adding a new template, just add any files you want as templates to the ~/Templates folder. Give the files a descriptive name because the file extension is not displayed in the menu. If GNOME can recognize the template’s file type it will display the proper icon in the menu as well. Templates can also be organized into folders.

Unlike other operating systems Linux does not use file extensions to identify file types. So you if want your templates to open in the right application when double-clicked, you may have to open the application and save a blank document so Linux will recognize the file as the right type.

If you do HTML programming, one use for this feature is to have templates for HTML documents. Instead of typing up the basic tags or copying a template from every time you create a new HTML document, you can use a template.

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