I installed Ubuntu 6.10 in a virtual machine to test with Automatix. I used the older Ubuntu version so I could try upgrading and see if Automatix would break it. There were more problems than just with the upgrade.

I install Automatix with the Ubuntu 6.10 DEB package. With Automatix, I installed a few applications. While setting up the new applications Ubuntu froze. After I restarted, Ubuntu refused to boot with file system errors. Rebooting again seemed to fix the problem.

Running apt-get update told me that dpkg had been interrupted and that I needed to run “dpkg –configure -a” to fix the problem, which crashed Nautilus. After rebooting and running the command again it repaired successfully.

Trying to run the update to Ubuntu 7.04 failed with a “Authentication failed” message. I am sure glad I used a VM instead of my own machine! Automatix does not appear to be stable at all.

Upgade failed

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